All 'flowers' originate from pinecones that are cut and painted by the artist. Each piece is crafted by hand and not duplicated.

Seasonal as well as regional Shore themes can be found in the Collection.

The smaller offerings can be cost-effectively mailed and are so identified in the description. Larger arrangements can be delivered free of charge within a 25 mile radius of Rock Hall, MD. or can be left at Bee Crafty Collectibles in Chestertown, MD for pick up. Your choice. Bee Crafty is the only local store selling Pinecone Perfect.

About the Artist - Joan Lausman

Artist Joan Lausman

I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and am surrounded by pine trees and pinecones. Not long ago, I saw a painted pinecone and thought it looked like a zinnia. Curious, I started deconstructing the pinecones around me and began seeing daisies, dahlias, lilacs, and orchids. These flowers soon became arrangements and are now offered through the Pinecone Perfect website.

Looking to bring smiles and joy by showing the natural world through a different lens. When you look closely at each arrangement, you'll find a small ladybug – a symbol of luck and prosperity that I hope will bloom for each Pinecone Perfect recipient.

Available for Purchase

Clicking on each photo will reveal the name, description, price and shipping options. If interested, send an email with the title of your choice and your mailing information to You will then receive shipping costs as well as payment information to complete the transaction securely through PayPal.

Some items may also be on display at Bee Crafty Collectibles in Chestertown, MD and on FB at Pinecone Perfect.

BACK BAY $62 (Local Only)

26 x 20 x 6,  Bringing memories of back bay areas, finding scallop shells, and Cat-O-Nine Tails. This blue water colored triangular glass vase hold flowers and reeds that add to the fun.  BLUE AND YELLOW DAISY $9 (USPS)

7.5 x 3 x 3,  If this combination does not exist in reality, it should! A white daisy with blue hue and yellow tips is combined with greenery in a yellow textured ceramic ball base.  BLUE BEAUTY $29 (USPS)

24 x 10 x 5,   Tall thin cobalt blue bud vase filled with blue, yellow, natural colored flowers and greenery provide a striking piece to any home or office. BY THE SEA $40 (USPS)

14 x 11 x 9,  A playful combination of purple and orange flowers, natural colored pinecones, greenery and white grass held by a 3.25 inch square glass base decorated with an orange scallop shell. A colorful reminder of a fun day at the beach? CORAL DAHLIAS $65 (USPS)

16 x 11 x 9,  Large coral flowers with yellow edges remind one of Dinnerplate Dahlias. Contrasted with natural colored pinecone flowers and greenery in a clear glass base this arrangement is a stunning centerpiece in any area of your home or office. ECHO $19 (USPS)

21 x 12 x 5,  Pink, lilac, and yellow flowers – the early Spring colors, are paired with greenery in a painted ceramic vase reflecting the theme. A special reminder of new life anytime of the year.  LILAC CONVENTION $52 (Local Only)

18 x 16 x 10,  A definite conversation starter, this milk bucket holds a huge bunch of lilacs of all different colors – pink, dark purple, white, light purple plus some greenery. Who else is thinking of sneaking a lilac scented potpourri into the middle of it and wait for someone to realize these are not actual flowers? ROMANCE IN THE AIR $20 (USPS)

21 x 10 x 5,  3  large flowers bring the colors of Love and Luxury together with greenery and Baby's Breath in a clear bud vase with a pink and purple ribbon bow. Perfect for a special someone, and you know who that is. ROYAL CENTERPIECE $75 (Local Only)

26 x 21 x 12,  The wavy shaped light purple vase provides a perfect container for this riot of purple flowers, greenery, and tall grass; each flower being a different interpretation of the variety of patterns in nature. A showpiece for sure.  SPRING FEVER $22 (USPS)

11 x 9 x 9 ,  Happiness and smiles abound around this smaller collection of Spring flowers and greenery in a round and rippled glass base.       SPRING IS SPRUNG $35 (USPS)

21 x 11 x 6,  The colors of Spring – purple, white, and yellow beautifully combined with greenery and Baby's Breath in a painted sage green glass vase. This will brighten up any corner of your room.  FIELD OF WILDFLOWERS $47 (USPS)

23 x 14 x 8,  A variety of colorful flowers peek out between blades of grass in this recreation of a summer field in a faux copper oval container.  BASKET OF LILACS $42 (USPS)

13 x 12 x 9,  A wall hanging pocket basket holds a variety of different colored lilacs, greenery and extra pops of color. A perfect addition to any wall.  PURPLE AND WHITE $14 (USPS)

8 x 6 x 3,  A trio of whimsical purple flowers with pink borders and white contrasting additions are contained in a white ceramic ball. An unexpected happy addition to a bookcase, desk, or bedroom dresser.  RED ORCHIDS $65 (Local Only)

15 x 11 x 9,  An arrangement of 3 double flowered red orchids makes the statement LOOK AT ME and will add a guaranteed conversation to any area of your home or office.   jquery lightbox image mapby v6.1


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Contact Us

Pinecone Perfect is part of Blue Stone Studio

Joan Lausman, artist/owner, Rock Hall, MD

Shipping is available! Because all of our arrangements are custom made, shipping costs can vary. Local delivery options are also available.

Our arrangements are proudly on display and for sale at Bee Crafty Collectibles in Chestertown!